Non-Availability of Birth Certificate

Monika Thakur
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


Non-availability of birth certificate is very common in India because it is only 21 days timing frame wherein you have to register, but when you run out of the time frame then you have to bear the brunt of it.

Then you need to follow a hectic process. If you don’t have your birth certificate then getting your passport made and other certificates, is almost impossible. Having a birth certificate is way too important.

Non-availability of birth certificate causes a lot more problems such as at the time taking admission into college & schools, registration for passport, and so on. Get rid of such kind of problems you need someone, who can help you with this.

We are a service provider in the matter so when you need someone because you do not have time to do this on your own the better call us. We directly collect your documents from your home and make your work easy.

There is a need for some documents:
· SSC mark sheet of (Applicant).
· Voter I.D (Applicant and Parents).
· Driving license.
· Birthplace (Hospital Address or home)
· Affidavit Details
· Passport copy (Applicant and Parents).
· Aadhar Card (Applicant and Parents).
· Address proof where the applicant was born.

When it comes to time taken by us then we would like to say that it depends on your document availability once you are done with the documents, we begin. It takes a minimum of 15–25 days because some mandatory verification steps are followed by the civic bodies.

Civil bodies like municipalities do this job. When you submit your documents then you are provided a tracking I.D to tack your application but it is not necessary because some have the facility or some haven’t.

If you talk about fee then we have just a straight-forward talk we are a mediator, providing only our service we cost our services, but Fee is given by the municipality.



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