Non-availability of birth certificate is very common in India because it is only 21 days timing frame wherein you have to register, but when you run out of the time frame then you have to bear the brunt of it.

Then you need to follow a hectic process. If you…

We have gone through a very tough time in 2020 of late. We all know all this. But I wouldn’t like to bring that matter up because it was very harsh.

But when we were facing the time we learned a lot about technologies and made the best use of…

School Management System Software Development Company In Meerut

Techdost is a school management system software development company in Meerut. We are offering a comprehensive solution for teachers, students, fees and cultural activities, and so on. I have been in this field for many years with practical knowledge.

We deliver an…

Monika Thakur

I am a digital marketing expert and content writer. I also work with TechDost. It is also a Software, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Company.

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